Rent Marquee Letters Port Stanley

Port Stanley Marquee Letter Rental Company

Welcome to Toronto Marquee Lights, your location to rent marquee letters in Port Stanley to make the prettiest displays at parties. We are a locally-owned event rental company that provides the most affordable marquee letters, numbers, and symbols in Port Stanley and surrounding communities. To. make your party display pop in Port Stanley, Consider adding-on our other available items that include balloon decor, flower wall rentals, photo booth rentals, neon sign rentals, tent rentals, and more.

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Marquee letter rentals in Port Stanley cost $89 each + delivery.

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Rent Marquee Letters with Lights in Port Stanley

A popular way to light up parties in Port Stanley, ON, our marquee letters with lights are hand-fitted with high-quality LED lightbulbs. Making parties pop in Port Stanley, these pretty marquee lights are now being offered in several stunning color shades. An awesome option for parties both indoors and outdoors, simply plug these 42″ marquees into an electrical outlet.

Our marquee letters with lights for rent in Port Stanley are affordable- they cost $89 each + delivery.

Port Stanley Marquee Numbers for Rent

Popular at parties of all types in Port Stanley, our magnificent marquee numbers are the biggest yet most affordable available. Celebrate the guest of honor at milestone events in Port Stanley, our marquee numbers are available in a variety of fancy fonts. Boost the beauty of your Port Stanley display by adding a brilliant balloon arch – mix any 24 color choices!

Marquee number rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Port Stanley – learn more here.

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marquee block letters table port stanley

Port Stanley Marquee Block Letter Tables for Rent

The perfect place to display items at parties in Port Stanley, our marquee block letter tables stand 32′ tall. Our most sought-after item available in Port Stanley, ON, these charming marquee block letter tables can cater to any event with any custom selection of marquee block letters, numbers, or symbols.

Marquee block letters cost $89 per marquee + delivery in Port Stanley. We provide the glass tabletop for free!

Port Stanley Wedding Marquees for Rent

Our elegant marquee letter rentals are an excellent way to decorate your wedding venue in Port Stanley, ON. These magnificent marquee monograms are often used to display the happy couples initials, last name or wedding anniversary date in Port Stanley. Further, our captivating collection of romantic wedding marquees includes the LOVE, MR & MRS and the lovely marquee heart displays available in Port Stanley.

Surprise your partner if you are planning to propose in Port Stanley, choose our MARRY ME marquee letters.

Wedding Marquee letter rentals in Port Perry cost $89 each + delivery.

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