Our top-rated Toronto flower walls rental company offers premium flower arches backdrop and flower walls backdrop rental for all areas in Ontario & British Colombia.


#1 Toronto Flower Walls Rental Company

What goes well with a marquee letter or table? A Flower Walls. Flower walls provide a creative and beautiful way to express not only a theme of an event but a way to convey a message to guests and partners alike. From having a Toronto Wedding flower wall backdrop or a Toronto Flower backdrop decor for any type of event, we have you covered. As not only a marquee letter company but as a Flower wall rental company based in Toronto. We aim to provide our customers with elegant ways to have pieces that match any and all types of events such as weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, vow renewals, and more. We provide many options that alone draw the sight of the crowd, but together our pieces develop and create sights and memories we strive to help guests see our client’s visions and stories.

Green Boxwood Flower Wall Rental

Green Boxwood 8×24

Corporate events need a standardized Toronto flower wall backdrop. Meet our Green Boxwood

Green High Tea Flower Wall Rental

Green High Tea Flower Wall

Another popular flower wall backdrop design. This flower wall has a mixture of our green boxwood and other flowers.

Green Boxwood Flower Wall Rental

Green Boxwood Flower Wall

An alternative Toronto Flower wall decor Green Boxwood option.

Purple Lavender Flower Wall Rental

Lavender Flower Wall

Make your special occasion unforgettable with a vibrant lavender flower wall rental in Toronto or across Ontario.

Purple Flower Wall Rental

Purple Flower Wall

Our Toronto purple flower wall backdrop is covered in a beautiful sea of lavender flowers which provides a dark-coloured sight that’s easy on the eyes.

Red Rose Flower Wall Rental

Red Rose Flower Wall

Roses are a gorgeous color and one of our most beautiful Toronto flower wall rentals is covered in them!

Garden Green Flower Wall Backdrop Rental

Garden Green Flower Wall Backdrop

Our Toronto Flower Wall Backdrop Rental is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, or any special events.

Pink Blush Flower Wall Rental

Pink/Blush Flower Wall

Introducing our most popular pink blush flower wall backdrop. It makes for a stylish accent piece and is great for events with a pink-focused colour scheme.

White Champagne Flower Wall Rental

White Flower Wall – Champagne

For our neutral flower wall backdrop decor, we present the Toronto “White Champagne Flower Wall”.

Full Bloom Flower Wall Rental

Full Bloom Flower Wall

. Our stunning Full Bloom Flower Wall features a mix of pink, white, cream, purple, and red roses and tulips, creating a breathtaking floral display that will take your event decor to the next level.

White Drape Enchantment Flower Wall Rental

White Drape Enchantment Flower Wall

This Toronto Wedding flower wall backdrop has a combination of drapes, flowers, and lights!

Gradient Ombre Flower Wall Rental

Gradient Ombre Flower Wall

The top section of this flower wall rental is adorned with bold red roses, delicate pink hues, culminating in serene cream roses, symbolizing warmth and purity.

Heart Full of Roses Backdrop Rental

Heart Full of Roses Backdrop

Elevate your engagement celebration with our Heart Full of Roses Backdrop – the ideal rental product for your proposal or engagement decor.

Mixed Flower Wall Rental

Mixed Flower Wall Backdrop

Our Mixed Flower Wall is designed to elevate any special event, making it a popular choice for clients seeking a versatile and eye-catching flower backdrop.