Rent Marquee Letters Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Marquee Letters Company

Welcome to Toronto Marquee Lights, the #1 company to rent marquee letters in Niagara Falls. Our team of expert event decorators, friendly customer service agents, and massive Canadian-made marquee letters will help to create the marquee display of your dreams. Perfect for birthday bashes, whimsical weddings, classy corporate functions, and much more in Niagara Falls. We cater to events of all types and offer a variety of other event decor and rental items available in Niagara Falls like balloon decor, flower walls, and more.

We have proudly serviced thousands of happy customers in Niagara Falls and surrounding communities that have helped us earn the title of a top vendor on Wedding Wire and TheKnot. 

Marquee letter rentals in Niagara Falls cost $89 each + delivery

Rent Marquee Letters Niagara Falls
Rent Marquees Niagara Falls

Rent Marquee Letters with Lights in Niagara Falls

Marquee letters with lights in Niagara Falls brighten up any event space – making them a favorite for parties. Our marquee lights for rent in Niagara Falls are beloved for their personalized flair, clients can create a custom marquee display for a memorable event. These large 4ft marquee letters are top choices for classy parties, romantic affairs, elegant celebrations, and more in Niagara Falls.

Our marquee letters with lights for rent in Niagara Falls, ON are very affordable costing $89 each + delivery.

Niagara Falls Marquee Numbers for Rent

Our marquee number rentals are yet another versatile way to decorate your Niagara Falls event or party. Perfect for milestone celebrations, like big birthday parties, celebrations of corporate success, or New Year’s parties. Furthermore, accentuating your marquee numbers display with a bright balloon arch (as pictured) is a great way to further customize your display!

Marquee number rentals cost $89 each + delivery in Niagara Falls; learn more here.

Marquee Numbers in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Marquee Block Letters Table

Niagara Falls Marquee Block Letter Tables for Rent

Our marquee block letter tables for rent in Niagara Falls are one of our most popular rental items! Create a stunning table layout, and display wedding cakes, birthday gifts, or merchandise for sale on elegant marquee block letter tables. Standing 3 ft tall, our most rented marquee block tables in Niagara Falls are the ONE and BABY table. Alternatively, you can create a custom marquee table with any combination of marquee blocks!

Marquee block letters cost $89 per marquee + delivery in Niagara Falls, ON. We provide the sleek glass tabletop for free!

Niagara Falls Wedding Marquee Letters for Rent

A timeless way to celebrate love, our wedding marquees in Niagara Falls are a timeless way to celebrate love on your special day. Our custom couples’ marquee monograms are a top choice for Niagara Falls wedding receptions. In addition, we have a romantic range of marquees including the LOVE, MR & MRS, and the lovely marquee heart displays. Furthermore, if you are looking to get engaged in Niagara Falls, consider our MARRY ME marquee rental that pairs perfectly with our red rose flower wall.

Wedding Marquee letter rentals in Niagara Falls cost $89 each + delivery

Niagara Falls Wedding Marquee Letters Rental