Planning a Party guests in Richmond Hill that will keep your guests entertained is hard. You want to make sure you have the right things in place to keep your friends and family having a good time throughout the duration of the event. It is important that you set up lots of ways for your guests to have fun and stay engaged at your party. In this article, I will give you some ways how to do just that.  


1. Invite a Variety of People to Your Party Guests in Richmond Hill

Make sure to invite a large group of people with different backgrounds. Inviting people from different generations, job disciplines and neighbourhoods. Party guests in Richmond Hill with lots of different people around, it will be interesting to mingle and meet people different from yourself. 

2. Food Contest at Paries in Richmond Hill

Pick a food of your choice whether it be hotdogs, bowls of ice cream, pasta… anything! Maybe choose your favourite food and put on a food-eating contest. Whoever can eat the most or whoever can finish a certain amount of food in a time frame, wins.


3. Food tasting at parties in Richmond Hill

Another great option revolving around food is to get your favourite food item from different restaurants for party guests in Richmond Hill for you and your guests to find the best version of it. 


4. Games at Party Guests in Richmond Hill

Games are a great way to amp up any entertained party guests in Richmond Hill. This could mean board games, cards or sports. Maybe set up a ping pong table for a tournament or a competitive uno tournament with a hefty prize for the champion. 


5. Music at parties in Richmond Hill

Poor choice of music is the quickest way to lose a crowd. People want to come to a party to let loose and dance and without good music, no one is going to do that. You can either stick with one genre you know your entire crowd loves or you can play a mix of genres to suit everyone. 


6. Richmond Hill Photo booth rental

Consider investing in a Richmond Hill photo booth rental. Having a photo booth rental in party guests in Richmond Hill photo booths is a great way to ensure your guests will be kept entertained for the duration of your event. Since we allow unlimited prints, guests will be able to take as many pictures as they want with multiple different people throughout the event. We also provide tons of fun props that your guest will love.

With your party guests in Richmond Hill photo rental, you will get unlimited 4×6 prints, digital copies of the photos, an on-site attendant, email sharing, tons of fun props, a backdrop of your choice, a DSLR camera, state-of-the-art printer, light box and a table for props. We also offer two kinds of Richmond Hill photo booth rentals including the more modern take which is the open-concept, walk-up photo booth. We also offer the famous mirror me Richmond Hill photo booth.

7. Drinks at Richmond Hill party

Make sure you have enough alcohol to go around. No one wants to be at a party that runs out of drinks in the middle of the event. You could also host a BYOB party and take that part of planning off of your shoulders altogether. 


You’ve now heard all of my ways to spice up your party and keep your guests entertained. There are lots of ways to ensure you throw a great party that will leave your guests remembering it for a long time to come from food tasting to games to party guests in Richmond Hill photo booth rental. What will you choose from this list?