Planning decor for a North York wedding decor can be extremely overwhelming and hard. There are so many things to decide on. Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas to help you decide on a few decor items for your upcoming wedding.


North York Marquee Letter Rental

Imagine this. It’s your wedding day and you’re enjoying your first dance as newlyweds. Our warmly lit “LOVE” Marquee letters are placed across the room and when you glance over at them, you are reminded of how much love surrounds you. Not only are you reminded of the immense adoration shared between you and your partner but of the love your friends and family share for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to fuel the atmosphere of your events with all of the love it can get by investing in marquee letters North York wedding decor.


Plants and Neon Lights

For a more modern youthful look at your wedding, consider holding your wedding in a bright greenhouse with loads of plants and neon signs.


North York Flower Wall Rental

Not only will our flower walls give your wedding a place for everyone to take photos but they’ll liven up the space at any wedding. Below are some options I believe are gorgeous for weddings, but make sure to choose one that goes well with your theme and another decor

  • North York Green Boxwood Flower Wall (3 sizes)
  • North York Green high tea flower wall 
  • North York Meadow arch
  • North York Mixed flower ring
  • North York Red rose flower wall 
  • North York Victorian arch
  • North York White drape enchantment flower wall
  • North York Mixed Flower Wall
  • North York Pink Blush Flower Wall
  • North York White Champagne Flower Wall 

A long Table with Black Candles

This idea is a tabletop decor option that will bring a gorgeous atmosphere to the head table. Consider getting a really long table for your wedding party and have a row of long black candles going all the way from one side to the other. Additionally, make sure you pick out a pretty tablecloth that matches the theme and complements the candles.


North York Photo Booth Rental

Having a photo booth rental in North York wedding decor k is a great way to ensure your guests will be kept entertained for the duration of your wedding. Everyone will also have a keepsake to bring home. Since we allow unlimited prints, guests will be able to take as many pictures as they want with multiple different people throughout the wedding. We also provide tons of fun props that your guest will love. With your North York photo rental, you will get unlimited 4×6 prints, digital copies of the photos, an on-site attendant, email sharing, tons of fun props, a backdrop of your choice, a DSLR camera, a state-of-the-art printer, a light box and a table for props. We also offer two kinds of North York photo booth rentals including the more modern take which is the open-concept, walk-up photo booth. We also offer the famous mirror me North York photo booth. Having one of these at your event will give everyone a physical copy of photos to go home with and remember your event for a long time to come.


North York Balloon Arches

The last decor item I recommend you have at your North York wedding decor is a balloon arch. These are great if you want your wedding to feel fun and look good at the same time. Depending on the four colours you choose to have, a North York balloon arch can be a really great addition. Here are some colour options that i think would be great.

  • ruby red, orange, yellow and white or black
  • rose gold, white, burgundy
  • gold and white
  • coral, ruby red, white, and navy
  • purple, orange, peach and yellow
  • burgundy, purple, blush, navy
  • light blue, chrome blue, orange and white
  • peach, magenta, gold and white
  • light blue, white, navy and blush
  • light blue, chrome purple, gold and white
  • chrome silver, blue, navy and white
  • black, gold, white.