We offer a wide variety of safaridecor rentals in Toronto to liven up your party and get everyone excited. Maybe they’ll even think they’re real for a minute! They are also some of our cheapest decor but will have your guests just as impressed. Our animals decor rentals in Toronto are great for a child’s party or an adults safari themed party! These are sure to make the event unforgettable.


Kangaroo Baby

This cute Kangaroo baby will not collide with any other decor since it is a light tan colour and would be such a cute addition to the event. It is also a less intimidating option for a kid’s party.  Plus, It’s only $99!

Zebra Animals Decor Rentals in Toronto

This Zebra decor rental in Toronto would be great for a black-and-white themed party. We also offer a grand-scale zebra if you have room for a larger one. It would be great for an outdoor party. This Toronto safari animal rental is only $99.

Trunk up Baby Elephant 

This decor item won’t clash with your other decoration as it is a light grey colour and since everyone loves Elephants, this choice is definitely a safe one. The trunk baby Elephant could be yours for a day for just $99.


We offer three different Giraffes, a baby Giraffe, an adult Giraffe and a resting Giraffe. If you’re not sure you’ll have enough room, go with the grandbaby giraffe. They’re light and dark brown so keep that in mind when choosing your other party decor items in Toronto. These Toronto safari animal rentals are only $99 each.

Gorilla for Animals Decor Rentals in Toronto

If you’re having an outdoor party, consider getting our Toronto Gorilla decor rental and hiding it in the bushes slightly to seem real! Since it’s black it definitely will not clash with any other decor. This Toronto safari animal rental is only $99.

African Lion for Animals Decor Rentals in Toronto

Our African Lion rental in Toronto is sure to cause a fright at first! But everyone will love it. This Toronto safari animal rental is only $99.

Bengal tigerAnimals Decor Rentals in Toronto

In addition to the African Lion, we also offer another big cat. The Bengal Tiger! The both of them together make a fierce team and would be awesome together at any party for children or adults. Consider purchasing this duo for just $99 each.

South African rhino

The South African rhino rental in Toronto would be great placed by a pond, pool, or in the grass since it is dipping its head down. This is another great option for a rental item that won’t clash with your other decor.

Large box turtle

Last but certainly not least, we have the large box Turtle decor rental in Toronto. This is sure to look super real if placed in the grass and would make a great addition to any party. For a kid’s party, this is a great option since a turtle is less intimidating than some of the other safari rental options in Toronto.


We hope that this article has helped you to see which Toronto safari animal decor rental is best for your event. For a children’s safari-themed party, possibly the giraffe, the large box turtle, the trunk-up elephant or the kangaroo baby are the best options to not have the kids feel too scared at first. For an adult’s party, you may feel more inclined to go with the more intimidating options like the Bengal tiger, the African lion, the South African rhino or the gorilla may be exciting options. So, now that you’ve heard about all of our safari animals decor rentals in Toronto, what will you choose?