If you are thinking about renting our marquee letters but have some unanswered questions, then this article is for you. Here lies questions and answers about the size and prices of our Pickering marquee letters, events each set is suitable for and much more. Hopefully, you will be confident in booking our beautiful letters once reading this article.  

1 How tall are the Pickering marquee letter rentals?

We have different marquee letters that come in different sizes. Our light up marquee letters are 44 inches. We also offer plain white letters which are 32 inches. These plain white letters can also be made into a table by adding a glass tabletop. These sizes are perfect because they’re not tall enough to take up too much space, therefore leaving room for other decor while still being very prominent in any environment.  

2 Are the Pickering marquee letter rentals customizable?

Yes, our Pickering marquee letters are customizable. We offer sets like “love” and “mr & mrs” but you can choose any letters or numbers to suit your occasion.   

3 Where can I use the Pickering marquee letter rentals?

The thing about marquee letters that makes them so great is that they can be used anywhere and for any event. Since the letters are customizable, you can customize them to suit any event. For a wedding, you may want to choose “love” or “mr & mrs”. For a baby shower, you could go with “baby” or the name of your baby as well. The options are limitless.

4 Do they light up?

Yes, our marquee letters light up. If you purchase our 44 inch letters, they will come with round built in lights that will set the warm tone in any room. Our marquee letter rentals in Pickering provide the most cozy dimly lit environment at any event. Keep in mind that our 33 inch marquee letter rentals in Pickering do not light up.   

5 Do you only have letters?

No, we have numbers and symbols as well which is why we are confident we can make any vision you have, come to life. We also have a 48 inch tall heart marquee sign that I think you will love. You can read more about it below at question number 8!

6 How much do Pickering marquee letter rentals cost?

Our letters go for $89 each. However, when purchasing our sets, you will be saving money.  

7 Are the Pickering marquee letter rentals popular?

Yes, our marquee letters are extremely popular. Our “marry me” and “mr & mrs” sets are our most popular. People love to have these at engagement parties and weddings. You could actually use the “marry me” set to propose.   

8 Can you tell me about the Pickering heart marquee sign rental?

Our heart marquee sign is gorgeous. It has the power to set the ambience in any dimly lit room with its warm lights. It is also great for photos. This sign is 48 inches tall and comes with a stand and 24 inch “love” letters. However, these letters are different as they are filled with beautiful flowers. Light pink and white flowers and lots of greenery.  

9 Are they worth it?

Our Pickering marquee letters are well worth it. When renting our letters, you are booking photo ops for your event. You are booking the very decor that is going to set the tone and tie all your other decor together. For a small price of $89 per letter, you can have the ultimate event decor.